Disk image of software Amazon Playful Edition (673-01672, HDR-0094)

Flash of Musée Bolo’s Fish Life

BIOS of Musée Bolo’s Fish Life


Promotional Material

Promotional brochure

Gēmu no zenshigoto 2002

Scan p.48–49[16]

Transcription p.48–49[16]

Dreamcast Magazine JP 2000-21

Transcription p.34[10]

Transcription and translation p.35 (top)[11]

Transcription p.35 (bottom)[11]


Sega Fish Life: first launch after repairs

Footage of Amazon Playful Edition software using a Dreamcast emulator.

Demonstration of voice commands for Amazon Playful Edition software

Appearance of the Fish Life, Sega’s virtual aquarium, in a Japanese comedy from 2001